The Revolutionary - produced by Stourwater Pictures in association with Irv Drasnin.

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The Revolutionary on DVD

Stourwater Pictures is currently offering the DVD of the 92-minute film, The Revolutionary, to colleges, organizations, libraries, and individuals. Tax will be charged to buyers in Washington state. Shipping and handling added at checkout; it starts at $7 for domestic shipment of one or two DVDs. More fine print below.

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DVD boxCollege & University Edition

Licensed for public performance rights for educational use in colleges and universities.




DVD boxDigital Site License

Licensed for public performance rights for educational use in colleges and universities. Includes DVD plus USB thumb drive with H.264 video file to be used in perpetuity.



DVD boxNon-Profit Organization Edition

Licensed for public performance rights for non-profit organizations and libraries without paid admission. For events where admission is charged please contact us for more information.



DVD boxPublic Library / High School Edition

Licensed for public library and high school use without public performance rights. Those wishing to host public screenings should purchase the non-profit organization version.



DVD boxGeneral Public Edition

Licensed for private use.



Witness to Revolution on DVD

Witness to Revolution is a 27-minute film that portrays author and labor activist, Anna Louise Strong (1885-1970) who, as a partisan reporter, covered the major political revolutions of the 20th century - Russia, Spain and China. Witness to Revolution won a Student Academy Award, the Nissan Focus Award, a CINE Golden Eagle and was broadcast nationally on PBS as well as the Canadian Learning Channel and CCTV in the Peoples' Republic of China. Invited to FILMEX, American Film Festival, Hawaii International Film Festival, Women's International Film Festival. The film includes an interview with Sidney Rittenberg, who was Strong's interpreter in Yan'an. It is used by colleges for courses on labor history, women's studies, and China.


DVD boxCollege & University Edition

Licensed for public performance rights for educational use in colleges and universities.



DVD boxPublic Library Edition

Licensed for public library use without public performance rights.




The Fine Print

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Shipping and handling will be charged at checkout, as will tax for those ordering from Washington state.

Domestic shipping is $7 for 1-2 DVDs. Please allow 3-7 business days for delivery. More than 2 DVDs sent domestically will cost more (dependent on amount) and use Media Mail which may take longer to arrive. International rates and delivery times vary. Please contact us for any questions you have about shipping rates or delivery times, or if you have any special shipping needs.

We also accept checks and purchase orders. Please contact us for details. When purchasing using a purchase order, we will supply you with an invoice and retain your order on file until payment is received. Payment must be received in advance of the shipment of the DVD.

Educational purchase prices reflect the inclusion of community performance rights, which is the right to show the film in a community venue provided no admission is charged. This does NOT include the right to show the film on television or online, only the right to show the film to an audience where the DVD and audience are in the same room.

All purchases are final. We cannot accept returns. If there are technical problems with the DVD, at any time within 7 days following delivery of the product, you may request a replacement, which will be sent promptly following receipt of the damaged product. Contact us if you require a replacement DVD (e.g., the DVD provided is lost or damaged). Outside of the 7 day window, you may obtain a new copy of the film by calling our office at (206) 780-6928. If you are experiencing skipping, freezing or other poor playback, please contact our office; in most cases, we will be able to troubleshoot any errors and/or replace your disc, if necessary. Replacement fees may apply.

Digital Site License includes lifetime rights to show and/or stream the video file at a single institution.

We do not have a release date for the Home Use DVD but if you sign up on our mailing list we will contact you when a release date is set. We will not be accepting payment until we have a firm release date. The Home Use DVD is for home and personal use of the film only and is NOT licensed for school use, public or educational screenings.


Books available through Amazon

The Man Who Stayed Behind
by Sidney Rittenberg and Amanda Bennett

The story of Sid's epic journey through Mao's Chinese Revolution.

"An extraordinary and revealing account of how someone was swept into the Chinese Communist movement and stayed with it through its many blunders, excesses, and cruelties. . . . A fascinating autobiograph--honest, moving, chilling, and quite illuminating."—Dr. Michel Oksenberg, Former National Security Council Aid on China Policy

“Sidney Rittenberg has had one of the most remarkable lives of anyone I have ever met. The story of his life is not only a fascinating and valuable witness to one of the greatest historical upheavals of [the twentieth] century, but is a vivid testimony to the power of good in the midst of evil.”—Billy Graham

Chinese Posters by Stefan Landsberger and Marien van der Heijden

Dating from the onset of the Japanese occupation of China in 1937 through to the twenty-first century, the images in this book represent the best of Chinese propaganda art. Representing the best of the most extensive collection of Chinese Revolutionary art in the world, many posters from this source were used in the making of The Revolutionary.

Chinese Posters: Art from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
by Lincoln Cusing and Ann Tompkins

Chinese Posters comprises more than 150 of the most striking Cultural Revolution posters and offers background on their social and political context and production. An essay by Ann Tompkins provides a personal account of living in Beijing during the Cultural Revolution.

Mao's Last Revolution by Roderick MacFarquhar and Michael Schoenhals

An exhaustive scholarly investigation into the Cultural Revolution when a weakened Mao loosed the Red Guards on his nation in order to weaken the Communist Party and regain power. A riviting account of the period in which Sidney Rittenberg gained great prominence and then fell from grace.

"MacFarquhar and Schoenhals successfully synthesize the many plotlines of the Cultural Revolution in a narrative that shuttles from the endless micro-maneuvers of the Party elite to the marauding teens of the Red Guard; and from the Revolution's macro-economic fallout to such bizarre manifestations as the cannibalizing of counter-revolutionaries in Guangxi." —The New Yorker

Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China by Ezra Vogel

"Deng Xiaoping's skill, vision, and courage in overcoming seemingly insuperable obstacles and guiding China onto the path of sustained economic development rank him with the great leaders of history. And yet, too little is known about the life and career of this extraordinary man. In this superbly researched and highly readable biography, Vogel has definitively filled this void. This fascinating book provides a host of insights into the factors that enabled Deng to triumph over repeated setbacks and lay the basis for China to regain the wealth and power that has eluded it for two centuries." —J. Stapleton Roy, former U.S. Ambassador to China

Stilwell and the American Experience in China 1911-1945 by Barbara Tuchman

Barbara W. Tuchman won the Pulitzer Prize for Stilwell and the American Experience in China, 1911-45 in 1972. She uses the life of Joseph Stilwell, the military attache to China in 1935-39 and commander of United States forces and allied chief of staff to Chiang Kai-shek in 1942-44, to explore the history of China from the revolution of 1911 to the turmoil of World War II, when China's Nationalist government faced attack from Japanese invaders and Communist insurgents. In the cantankerous but level-headed "Vinegar Joe," Tuchman found a subject who allowed her to perform, in the words of The National Review, "one of the historian's most envied magic acts: conjoining a fine biography of a man with a fascinating epic story."